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2023 Classes


Warragul Dog Club welcomes members back to their training classes. This year is shaping up to be an exciting one. 

Apologies: Our 6-Week Beginners Program Waiting List is Temporarily Closed.

This is due to unprecedented enquiries and enrolments. We will announce the reopening of the waiting list as soon as we can. 

Thos currently on the waiting list will be notified of class times when places become available. We thank you all for your understanding and patience.

We are volunteers working to accommodate your needs in a responsible and timely manner.

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Labour Day Show 2023


WDKOC Inc Labour Day Championship Show will be held on 13th March 2023 at the Warragul Dog Club’s show grounds at Darnum Recreation Reserve. 

We are looking forward to hosting this event for you; and happy to say it will be free of last year’s restrictions.

Membership Benefits

All financial members receive the following benefits:

  • Attend classes all year round at an affordable annual fee
  • Join the club Facebook group. This group: 
    • List any class changes and announcements.
    • Provides opportunities to share your achievements from your training or trials.
    • Is a forum to ask any training questions of instructors
    • Allows you to share information on training
    • Will share notices of upcoming events at the club
    • Does not allow private advertising of businesses or products
  • Class instruction from experienced instructors.
  • Access to instructors and committee members with a broad knowledge base on dog behaviour, training, and competition trialling in a range of dog sports.
  • Insurance cover through Dogs Victoria while training at our club grounds

Our membership cycle begins in April.

Returning members pay only:

  • The annual membership for their relevant category:
    • Single: $40
    • Family: $50
    • Single DV: $32
    • Family/Dual DV: $42
  • The annual training fee ($15)

Graduating Class

After six weeks of training classes have learned many skills and handlers and dogs have developed much better teamwork. They can be proud of their achievement. 

Member Achievements

Some of our members’ great efforts and achievements.

Icon Dog Event


January 10th was a “fun night” –  and a successful one – for Warragul Dog Club member, Christie Dowling. 

She attended the Werribee Dog Obedience Twilight (Single Element) Scent Works Indoor Novice event with her dogs Roxy and Panda and her experienced dog handler mum, Linda Adams as Roxy’s handler. 

Out of 29 dogs, little Roxy gained 3rd Place at an amazingly fast 7.34 secs and Panda gained a very decent Pass in 14th Place at 27.15 secs. 

Congratulations Christie, Roxy, Panda and Linda, who hadn’t done Scent Work before!

Congratulations to the many graduating classes of 2022.

(Image: Instructor Christie Dowling’s Level 1 Class graduating August 2022)


August 2022 Ballarat Tracking Trials: Robyn Davis’s dogs excelled. Paddy obtained his Tracking Dog Championship & Sammy his TD (Tracking Dog Title). She wrote on the club Facebook page: “Very proud mum.”

(Image: Congratulations to two Tracking Champs from the same family)

Tresna Oakes’s toy poodle, Miah. In June 2022, our then President, Tresna Oakes and her toy poodle Miah entered their very first dog trial and gained 2 qualifying passes with high scores 98 & 90 out of 100. Only one more pass to go for the Rally Novice title. A great effort with an excellent outcome.

(Image: Congratulations to an intrepid pocket poodle in the sport of Rally O)

Agility competitor at Warragul Dog Club

Member Responsibilities

  • Your dog is YOUR responsibility at all times!
  • All dogs – no matter how big or small – have the potential to cause serious damage or injury.
  • Dogs do not think like people, so to understand your dog you need to think like a dog.
  • NEVER hit your dog to discipline it, as this will only make it fearful.
  • Do not leave your dog unsupervised when it is tied up.
  • NEVER allow your dog to approach a strange dog tethered and alone.
  • Do not assume that because YOUR dog is friendly, other dogs will be OK with it.
  • Learn how to read dog  warning signs to help prevent dog aggression incidents.
  • If you are unsure what another dog is like – stay away from it.


Icon Dog Training Approach


Our Resources Page is Under Construction. It will have links to dog behaviour infographics and selected external websites. 


Dog Incident Reporting Process

In the unlikely event of a dog ‘incident’, WDKOC Inc follows clear reporting, resolution and recommendation processes. 

Young dog participating in positive reinforcement training


We hold a selection of dog handling equipment such as:

Brands we stock and order include Black Dog and Baskerville. Ask at our clubrooms if you want more information. 

Clothing & Sewn Logo

We have our logo on file at Phoenix Screenprinting, 14 Phoenix Street, Warragul. They have a large clothing catalogue to select from if you’d like clothing with a machine sewn club logo. 

Ready to renew your membership? We can't wait to welcome you back on board!