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We are a volunteer organisation serving the dog training as well as conformation needs of the local community.

Obedience training is held on Sunday mornings at the Darnum Recreation Reserve.

All competition Trials and details can be found at K9 Entries

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Obedience Training

We hold weekly Obedience training on Sunday mornings at the Darnum Recreation Reserve.

Obedience training should always be about using positive training methods for a well adjusted dog. 

Warragul Dog Club classes provide reward-based training. They are a great way to learn about dog behaviour and to socialise dogs in a safe, structured environment. 

In Beginners Class, your dog will learn to follow basic commands and you will learn more effective communication with your dog, building on trust and relationship. 

Beyond Beginners Class, Obedience training expands on skills, enrichment and fun activities.  

Training also provides the foundation for Obedience Trials and disciplines like Rally-O, Agility and Tracking. It is also a good starting point for Conformation work.

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Beginners Program

Our 6-Week Beginners Program is for members with puppies or dogs requiring training experience.

It covers basic Obedience training skills and recall as well as focus games.

Club membership and bookings for this program are essential.

NB:  As of October 2023, our waiting list is closed. Please check back in February 2024. We know this is very important to you; and our volunteers work diligently to accommodate you.  


The 6-Week Beginners Program is foundational for all other classes. 

However, if new members and their dogs are very experienced, please request an instructor assessment to join more advanced or specialised classes.  

We expect your commitment to attending for the 6 weeks and practicing the new skills through the week for a few minutes a day. This is essential for training success.

If unable to at the time a place is offered, please let us know immediately so the place can be filled by someone else on the waiting list.

The Beginners Program is just a starter. It is crucial for Level 2 which extends basic skills and the desired recall as well as introducing more focus and confidence games.

We encourage graduates to continue into this level to provide structured activity and stimulation for your dog and a closer team  partnership. 

Higher level or specialised classes require a reliable recall as there is off-lead work involved.

There is always so much more you can learn and do with your dog – and it is a fun and focused time together.


A small number of dogs may require a repeat of the Beginners Program, even though handlers have worked hard with them to consolidate the skills covered.

Please understand that learning new skills is rarely easy, and dogs are also individuals with differing learning styles. Remain positive and patient. 

Very occasionally, an instructor suggests a veterinary assessment to ensure there are no underlying pain or behavioural concerns holding a dog back from learning new skills.

Please understand this is our duty of care to you and your dog. Dogs are experts at hiding vulnerability and humans can miss subtle indicators.


Bookings & Enquiries

Contact our secretary, Karen via email.

Subject Line Options:

  • Beginners Program
  • Club Membership
  • Instructor Assessment
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Class 2 & Advanced

Obedience Class 2 is for handlers and dogs who have completed the Beginners Course. 






Level 2 classes build on the Beginners Course foundations and have no set time frame. You progress at your own pace.

For effective learning and skill retention we still recommend weekly attendance, although this is not mandatory. We also encourage home training during the week.  

You may be happy to simply have interesting and fun activities with your dog and a well-behaved companion animal at home.

If you also have an interest in competition trials, you can learn more about them at this level.

For more experienced handlers and dogs, we offer group classes in more advanced levels of Obedience and the specific dog sport disciplines of Agility and Rally O. We have a number of enthusiastic members who engage in trialling with their dogs. These activities can be found on our Facebook page as they happen. It takes a bit more time to appear under our website’s Member page Achievements section.


Direct enquiries to our Secretary, Karen:

Please put the discipline of interest in the Subject Line:

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Agility Classes

Agility is lots of fun for dogs and handlers.

Border collie participating in agility class at Warragul Dog Club Agility Jump 

It requires specialised training before a dog can take part in the ongoing training classes. 

Intake for Agility beginners takes place once a year at our Club Agility grounds.

If interested, you need to have completed the Beginners Obedience course and/or have consolidated foundation skills such as a reliable recall and  ability to work with your dog off-lead. 

An assessment will take place for new participants in this discipline. Once assessed as suitable, you can join the Foundation Agility class which is a 6-week course. When you have completed and passed the Foundation course, you can take part in regular Agility classes.


Email Margaret at   

with AGILITY in Subject line.

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Rally O and Other Sports

In 2023, the Club began offering group classes for experienced members interested in participating in Rally O trials. This is an exciting development as the Club is also hosting October Rally O trials for the first time this year. 

At present we do not hold official group classes in Conformation, Scent Work, Tracking, Endurance etc. However, many of our members have expertise in these areas and have been known to provide trial preparation and guidance. If you are very determined to trial or learn basics of a discipline, it should be possible to find a mentor amongst our members, so ask around.  

Tracking Practice: Berry and John giving a demo for Lily and George — and having fun.

If interested in other dog sports and would like more information, please speak to our instructors.

Our Training Approach

Warragul Dog Club ClassGroup training classes are a great way to socialise your dog in a safe and structured environment and to deepen your relationship with your dog. It is an important part of responsible dog ownership.

The club uses reward-based positive reinforcement training methods. This can  include food treats, enthusiastic praise, playful interactions, petting, a favourite toy or a game.

Most dogs are highly food-motivated, so food works especially well for training. Treats should be healthy yet enticing and irresistible to your pet. You may need to experiment to find which food works best as a valuable reinforcer (high value reward) for training in a group class, which is a more distracting environment than home.

Reward-based training is the most humane and effective way of training dogs and addressing unwanted behaviours. It does not involve aversive devices or techniques, physical punishment or the assertion of dominance over the dog.

In our classes, your dog will learn to follow basic obedience cues (commands). You will learn about communicating effectively with your dog and better understanding their behaviour. Activities involve working in a human-dog team which builds trust and helps develop a stronger bond between you and your dog. 

These training classes provide a good foundation for other dog sport disciplines such as Obedience, Rally-O, Agility, Tracking, Retrieving and Scent Work.  They are also a good starting point for people interested in Conformation showing.

The Club asks all members to follow safe, responsible and respectful dog handling protocols while engaged in Club activities.

Our instructors are all volunteers with a variety of experience in different training disciplines. They are dedicated to giving up their time to assist members with their dogs. 

Warragul Dog Club believes that Obedience training should be an enjoyable, enriching time for you and your dog

Did you know members have access to the Club's resource library?

Get in touch to find out more about what we offer.

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Our Affiliations

Our affiliation with DogsVictoria provides our Club members with insurance cover while engaged in Club activities at the Club grounds. It also enables us to hold our Labour Day Championship Shows.