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We are a volunteer organisation serving the dog training needs of the local community.

Training With Us

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Our Approach

Group training classes is a great way to socialise your dogs in a safe and structured environment and to deepen your relationship with them; an important part of responsible dog ownership.

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Training Activities

We provide a range of training opportunities. These include Obedience training (Beginners, Level 2 and  Advanced) and Agility classes.

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Our training classes provide the foundation for a variety of dog sport disciplines such as Obedience trials, Rally-O, Agility, Tracking, Retrieving and Scent Work. Our

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We hold a selection of dog handling equipment, including Black Dog and Baskerville. 

Information for Members

Warragul Dog Club provides education and skills to support dog owners in their duty of care to their dogs, families and community.

We offer a venue for all-breed Conformation Championship showing in West Gippsland. 

We welcome new members.




A Message from A Dog Rescue Worker in Detroit, USA.

Can we please stop expecting that EVERY dog wants to go to dog parks, daycares, patio parties and have birthday parties with other dogs! Nobody loves dogs more than me, but I’m here to tell you that dogs aren’t human children. They don’t want to do everything a human child does. 
Breed can matter when deciding what is fun for your best friend. Your Husky may have the energy to run, your Retriever may want to retrieve and your terrier may want to chase and grab. 
So yes, raising them with kindness is paramount, but paying attention to their needs is too. I said it.
This mentality that every dog has to be “social” with other people and dogs is keeping my shelter full, my days long and my heart broken, because I see the best dogs passed over, because they wouldn’t do well at a dog park or daycare. 

Not every dog needs to like your friends. I keep my dog in his room when people come over, because he isn’t comfortable around everyone, and I don’t want to set him up for failure. Love your dog enough to respect her boundaries.

Your dog doesn’t want to meet every dog. The reality show you watched about dog training and dog adoption is fake, I’ve worked in television, it’s edited to create a good story, not necessarily a real story. 

Let’s stop these narratives on dog ownership that are SOLD to us and based on making money. Dogs aren’t a business they are our best friends. Remember that.

Your dog can be perfectly safe and happy without overstimulating daycare or doggy birthday parties. Those things are fun for some dogs, but not for all. 

I want to take my dog everywhere, I want to give my dog the things I would want, but for the love of dogs in shelters everywhere, let’s ask dogs what do they REALLY want?
Dogs want more sniffs, waterlogged sticks, a quiet place to decompress, a space to stretch their legs and you to respect their body language and boundaries. 
They are talking to you…listen.
~ Kristina Millman-Rinaldi

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Member Achievements

It’s important to recognise the achievements of our members and their dogs – read about some recent achievements.

Policies & Procedures

The Club maintains a range of policies for the safety of members and their dogs, including the Yellow Ribbon Dog Policy and Heat Policy.

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Become a Member

You can join as a complete beginner in dog handling or with various levels of experience but wanting to socialise a new dog.

The 6-Week Beginners Program provides for both. After this, you can extend your obedience training experience, look into other dog sport disciplines or engage with club activities.

Events Calendar

Learn about events hosted by the Club, including the annual Championship Shows (two shows in one day) on the Labour Day March weekend. It is a very popular and colourful event, attracting hundreds of entrants throughout Victoria and from  interstate.

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About The Club

Warragul and District Kennel and Obedience Club Incorporated (WDKOC Inc) is known as Warragul Dog Club.

Its full title reflects the club’s historical and core functions: Conformation and Obedience.

Warragul Dog Club provides regular training classes to support dog owners in duty of care to their dogs, families and community

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