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We provide a 6-Week Beginner Program as a foundation class for owners of older puppies and dogs who need basic training skills and socialisation. This is the gateway into the Club for most people and their dogs. You can read about our approach to socialisation by scrolling down to the seventh section of our website’s ABOUT page. Please note, we do not offer puppy classes for very young puppies.

We have a number of higher level Obedience classes running on Sunday mornings following the Beginners Program classes. Members with more experienced dogs – who have reliable recall – may also be interested in Agility (after completing the Agility Foundation Course) or Rally O classes. 

Some of our longstanding experienced members have also been known to provide guidance about other disciplines like Conformation, Scent Work, Tracking and Endurance. If you are very interested, it could be worth asking around. 



What you can expect if you are interested in training with us:

  • Excellent value classes; starting with the 6-Week Beginners Program.
  • Experienced instructors who keep skills current.
  • Modern ‘positive reinforcement’ training.
  • Greater understanding of dog behaviour and ‘language’.
  • Improved teamwork with your dog.
  • Supportive atmosphere.
  • Follow-on classes once foundational skills are attained.
  • Members with experience in a range of dog sport disciplines.  
  • Opportunities to get involved in club activities.  

The Warragul Dog Club now requires payment of membership before commencing training.

We have two categories of membership – single (one person) and family (two or more people). We also offer a discount for Dogs Victoria members – just quote your membership number to receive the discount.   



One-off Joining Fee ($15);

Annual Training Fee ($15); &

Annual Membership Fee according to your Category. 


  • Single $70 ($62 for DogsVic members) 
  • Family $80 ($72 for DogsVic members) 


You can pay by direct bank transfer.  We will provide bank details when we book you in for training.   


  • Contact the Club Secretary, Karen; please put BEGINNERS or EXPERIENCED in the Subject Line.
  • EXPERIENCED dog handlers with experienced dogs, please fill out the membership application form and request an Instructor Assessment. If active in a specific discipline, you can include this in the enquiries email Subject Line so it can be forwarded to the appropriate instructor. Once assessment is completed, please submit your application form, vaccination papers and relevant payment to Karen (the Secretary) or Les (the Treasurer).  
  • BEGINNERS (for dogs requiring foundation skills)
  • NB: The Waiting List for the 6-Week Beginners Program is now closed until early 2024.
  • When the Waiting List is open, express interest in the 6-Week Beginners Program via 
  • Your name will then go on our waiting list. 
  • Once a place becomes available, our Secretary assigns a class date, time and trainer and will send these details along with payment instructions and other relevant documents.
  • Come at least 15 mins early on the 1st day of class.
  • Bring – and show before class:  
    • Membership Application,  
    • Fees Receipt, 
    • Proof of current dog vaccination

Anything else you need to know about joining our club?

Email our Club Secretary