Yellow Dog Policy

 Yellow Dog Protocol

Dogs, like people, have a great diversity of temperaments and reaction patterns.

A yellow ribbon or bandana worn by the dog identifies it as one who has “personal space” issues or sensory differences and so may become reactive with fear or aggression if threatened.

The Yellow Dog protocol provides a reminder for us all to respect the personal space of these dogs, and indeed all dogs. This promotes greater safety and reduces anxiety. It also encourages participation in club activities by a greater number of people and dogs.

Explanatory signage and written information is displayed around the training area and is included in the new members’ information kits.    

Any problems with dogs and handlers is not a conversation to be had by other handlers, however well meaning. It needs to be conducted discreetly by instructors.

Dogs who have bitten in the past (usually because of “personal space” issues) are also required to wear a SUITABLE muzzle when at the Club.

The Club keeps a stock of SUITABLE muzzles for short-term loan and sale.