Dog training is about relationship.

It is about communication and team work.


provide a firm foundation for you and your dog to become better companions. Click the link to learn more about Obedience Training.                                                                                            

At Warragul Dog Club, we train with our dogs using the skills and knowledge of the Obedience dog sport discipline.

Our approach is to look for and reward desired behaviours. It is important to focus on success.

We work on learning more about ‘reading’ dog body language and ‘talking Dog’.                                    

When you and your dog graduate… 

Don’t stop there!!!

There is so much to learn, and dogs benefit from socialisation and mental stimulation. We hope you go on to higher level activities.

Along with the responsibilities, there are so many rewards.

Owning and belonging to a dog is one of life’s great pleasures. 


Our Club has a “Yellow Dog – Give Me Space” policy for dogs who may have personal space issues for one reason or another.     

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