As well as the physical exercise involved, dogs love the mental stimulation of learning new things and the closer bond they develop with their handlers.

Our main year round activities are the Obedience classes, run by club member volunteers. The classes offered are Obedience Levels 1, 2 and 3,  although there are also dogs and owners working at a more advanced level.

Obedience training is the foundation for any other activities you undertake with your dog. It can also be undertaken as a competitive ‘dog sport’, and there a members engaged in this who can advise you if you’re interested.


Places are filling for the 6 Week Beginners Level classes beginning in early February 2020, so get in quick to get on the list as soon as possible.

Even if you have (or are about to get) a new young puppy, book in ahead for classes so you’re not waiting too long once you and the pup are ready. Meanwhile, when getting vaccinations, ask your vet about puppy preschool for early socialisation, training basics and opportunity to develop the best possible relationship with your pup.

Beyond Beginners

Extended Drop Stay off lead

Activities like Conformation and Working Dogs, and dog sports like Agility, Tracking and Track & Search, Endurance and Rally O, all involve the extension of Obedience training into highly specialised skills.

A couple of instructors, who are very experienced in Agility trials, run a 6 week Agility Foundation Class each year in the off-season during January and February. Successful completion of Beginners level Obedience and good recall is required. Enquire on Sunday training mornings. 

Many club members are experienced in a variety of dog sports and activities. If you wish to get involved, just ask around at the clubhouse. There are also quite a few less well known dog activities and sports which may be worth considering.

Nosey Business scent work training at Darnum 2018

Starting in June 2018, the Club began trialling beginner level scent work for dogs and handlers who are used to obedience training off-lead and using a harness with long lead.                       

On track; & there it is…

   a chamomile tea bag!          

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