Beginners (6 weeks) 

1 hour lesson duration.

Handlers will learn how to:

  • walk their dogs correctly on the lead
  • teach their dogs to sit, drop, stay and come when called. 

These activities will be done at a distance of 3 – 4 metres.                           

Stay exercises are held for 30 – 60 minutes.

Behavioural issues will be discussed as necessary, during lesson rest breaks or by negotiation.

Assessment in lesson 6 is low stress and completes the course.
If assessment is passed, handlers receive a certificate and their dogs progress to Level 2 Obedience. 

Some dogs, especially rescue dogs, need extra time in the beginners class and their handlers will be invited, and are encouraged, to continue in the next beginners class being held. This allows patient and consistent consolidation of skills, which is especially crucial for these dogs.

 Egg and spoon race at an end of year Games Day.

Class 2 Obedience  

Build on the fundamentals learnt during the basic course.            

  • Learn more obedience exercises.
  • Improve relationship and trust between dog and handler.
  • Develop focus and stimulus control.
  • Start working toward off-lead work in group context.                     

NB: Bill begins his class at 9:00am & Ann at 9:30am.

Advanced Level Obedience   

  • Fine tune focus, relationship and stimulus control.    
  • Greater range of activities.
  • More challenging tasks and contexts
  • More off-lead work. 
  • More socialising opportunities for dogs – and their owners!

NB: Class begins at 10:30am.

Who’s the last dog ‘staying’?