Yellow Dog Policy

 Yellow Dog Protocol

The wearing of a yellow ribbon or bandanna is for the purpose of identification of dogs who may pose a risk to others, or who have “personal space” issues. Such issues can occur for a variety of reasons. 

Implementation of this protocol is at the judgement of the relevant instructor and will act as a reminder to other handlers to respect the personal space of these dogs, in order to give both the dog and handler the best and safest opportunity to participate in club activities.

Supporting explanatory signage and written information is displayed around the training area and is included in the new members’ information kits.    

Dogs who have bitten in the past, and this has usually occurred because of “personal space” issues, are required to wear a SUITABLE muzzle when training or when in the Clubrooms.

This measure will ensure the safety of all dogs and people, and will allow such dogs (and their owners) to participate and not be isolated.

This will be communicated to the dog’s owner in a discreet and respectful way, and should be instigated by the relevant instructor, or a member of the Committee executive (ie: an Office Bearer).  

It is not a conversation to be had by others, however well meaning. Such a conversation needs to be conducted cognisant of the importance of maintaining the member’s engagement with and participation in the Club.

The Club keeps a stock of SUITABLE muzzles for loan (short term) and sale. 

Lastly, all instructors need to reinforce the importance of being aware of the individual temperaments of all dogs who attend, and the need to respect personal space.