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NB: Snakes have been seen around the Darnum Recreation Reserve during warm weather.  It is advisable to keep your dog on leash when in the vicinity of the car park area, the pine forest and the road and verge around the oval — unless your dog has an infallible recall.  

How can I protect my pets from snakes?
RSPCA, Revision 2, 19 Aug 2014

Snakes are attracted to potential food and water sources and safe, quiet places to hide. To reduce the risk of snakes finding your backyard or property attractive, keep the grass low, clean up any rubbish piles and clear away objects where snakes may be able to hide (e.g. wood piles, under sheets of corrugated metal).

If snakes are a common threat in your area, you could consider building a snake-proof fence around all or part of your property – information about snake-proof fences can be found through a search of the internet.

If you are walking your dog close to bushland – especially near water during the summer months – please keep your dog on a lead and avoid long grassy areas.

(Keeping cats indoors with access to a snake-proof outdoor enclosure is the best way to prevent them having encounters with snakes.)

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