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Christmas Dinner Catering Fundraiser          17th November 2018

The catering team for a very successful and appreciated night; wearing the bespoke Warragul Dog Club aprons made by Dorothy Sturgess and Morna Ferguson for our 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Club Receives Council Grant                                3rd October 2018




Cutting the cake and eating it too; while catching up.

Feasting and celebration, music and musing


Dog Husbandry Information Morning with Jane Morrey & Saxon.   17th June 2018 

                                                                           After Beginners Obedience class, a group of about 25 club members – newcomers and long term members – attended a demonstration and talk about dog husbandry by Jane Morrey with Saxon.

The most accommodating assistant. 

Jane, a dog trainer and dog groomer (who’s also been a vet nurse), shared valuable information about monitoring our dogs’ health. She stressed the importance of weekly whole body checks as well as regular specific checks of and care for teeth, ears, eyes, fur, paws, claws and the nether regions we and our dogs would prefer to ignore but shouldn’t.      

She explained how to slowly and gently prepare our dogs to tolerate this level of handling. They don’t like and don’t want it; but they need to have it to help us and their vets keep them healthy. 

There was also an opportunity for questions & advice.

The session was offered free to club members with the club making a donation to Jane’s choice of charity — The Ted Basarke Mercy Foundation,which operates in the Gippsland area.