Feb-March 2021

With enormous regret, and after lengthy and detailed consideration, Warragul & District Kennel and Obedience Club has made a committee decision to cancel this year’s Labour Day Championship Shows.

This has been an historic and difficult decision for us in response to the ongoing COVID 19 threat. Only two years ago, we celebrated 50 years of annual championship shows. However, it was clear to the Club Committee that our Club would be unable to meet the level of provisions we feel necessary to ensure a COVID-safe show for attendees, members and volunteers. We have great hope that our show will be held again in 2022.

March 2020

On Monday 9th March, we held our Annual Labour Day Championship Dog Shows. As it turned out, we were lucky. The next week ‘lockdown’ began! Links to our Championship Dog Show Results here: AM Results & PM Results

16 February 2020

After many months of work, Sue Osborn’s striking collection of air brush paintings have finally been installed on the club room walls — just in time for the Labour Day Show.

With the help of a number of wonderful people at the Warragul Dog Club, the airbrushed images were attached to the wall today. They are of actual dogs that are in the club and show some of the activities this fantastic club offers and supports. Obedience, agility, herding, to name a few and as you can see are really inclusive with regards to size and breed.
My thanks also to Cheryn Martin from Airbrush Venturi Advanced group who worked with me on two of the images. All the dogs are cut out of aluminium composite panel, the images airbrushed with automotive base coat and finished with 2 pack clear.
” ~ Sue Osborn, Visual Storyteller, 16 Feb 2020.

February 2020: Grant Acquittal

Grant acquittal is just around the corner for our own drought-proofing water tank which will be plumbed into our irrigation sprinkler. It has been a mammoth effort. Thank you to BBSC and all the club members, friends and family who have contributed to this process.

January 2020 Landing The Tank (aka “The Folly”)

“The Folly” is the fruit of our Baw Baw Shire Council Community Development Grant. It gained its nickname for being large and turreted, and requiring more problem solving than any of us expected. The project has involved various club members doing tasks: applying for the grant, clearing rubbish and moving the big bins, laying a foundation, digging trenches, laying pipes, filling in trenches, positioning the tank after it was deposited in front of the container (leaving a ‘crop circle’ in its wake) and connecting it to the input and output pipes… there will be more to come… a pump is ‘in the pipeline’ (sorry I couldn’t resist it!). As of late February, the pump has been installed and the system is set up for attaching a flat hose from piping to ‘walking’ sprinkler. Good to go at last!!! Meanwhile, particular thanks go to Les for being responsible for most of the hard yakka, including in some terrible weather. Thank you to Les’ brother, Ian, for helping — when he didn’t have to, except for family peace — with the momentous task of moving and positioning the 50,000Kl tank on a very hot day. They were helped by an audience at the end of the Dog Club Social Walk coffee time, and by a couple of these folk agreeing to give a few suggestions along with a bit of muscle and moral support.

15 August 2019 BBSC Minor Capital Works Grant for a water tank. On behalf of WDKOC, Tresna and Les received a certificate awarding the club a Baw Baw Shire Council Minor Capital Works Grant towards purchasing and installing a 50,000Kl water tank to help drought-proof the dog club grounds. Thank you to the team at BBSC Community Development Grants.

2019 marked 50 years of hosting championship shows, now an annual Labour Day event.  Click here for ARCHIVED NEWS & EVENTS DEC 2018 – JULY 2019