Who does the instruction?

Instruction is by volunteers who are experienced dog trainers and handlers.

They are, or have been, involved in dog competitions and sports and have completed a course in reward-based dog training. They also continue to refresh their own skills and knowledge.

Our instructors are committed to helping dog owners and their dogs develop the best possible relationship and behavioural outcomes.

2019 – 2020 Instructors:

Obedience:     Karen, Mary, Bill, Xanthe, Anne, Julie and Sue. 

Agility:             Margaret, Wendy  –  6 Week Foundation Agility in Summer Jan/Feb.

Nosey Works: Bill   

Rally O:           Tresna is able to give advice and guidance; and she sets up a Rally O course on Sunday mornings from time to time.


President                             Tresna Oakes 

Secretary                             Karen Price

Treasurer                             Les Ray 

Show Secretary                   Alicia Van Vliet 

Assistant Show Secretary    John Pallot

Assistant Show Treasurer    Pam Soutar

Membership Secretary        Morna Ferguson 

Agility                                  Margaret Widelock

Working Dogs                      Karen Price, Phil James

Nosey Works                        Bill Richardson

Rally O                                 Tresna Oakes

Communications                  Julie Tawse, John Pallot

General Members: Robyn Davis, Morna Ferguson, Phil James, Anne Marriott, John Pallot, Charlie Peppler, Martin Rieger, Bill Richardson, Pam Soutar, Marie Storie, Dorothy Sturgess, Julie Tawse, Alisha Van Vliet, Margaret Widelock, Xanthe Whitney.