We are an entirely volunteer run dog club, located in West Gippsland. The committee and office bearers are voted in at the annual AGM. 

Obedience training classes are held regularly. Our training approach is positive, not punitive; and we encourage knowledge of dog behaviour and development of a strong dog-handler relationship based on trust.


Beginning purely as a “kennel” and conformation club in 1968, we are now predominantly an obedience training dog club.

Here’s a link to an account by Bill Richardson of the pivotal changes to Warragul Kennel Club  when obedience classes were incorporated into it. Subsequently the club was renamed Warragul and District Kennel and Obedience Club to reflect its changes and growth.

In September 2018, our club celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This is the anniversary of the establishment of the Warragul Dog Club in 1968. It was also the 20th anniversary of moving the club to Darnum Recreation Reserve, where our clubrooms have been built. For the occasion, John Pallot produced a wonderful book about the club’s history. It is situated in the club rooms. 


There are a number of activities which the club and individual members are engaged in either through the year or at particular times of year. 

What is the main club activity through the year?

Obedience training is our club’s main weekly activity through most of the year. It is very popular and has classes catering for basic through to advanced levels. 

Contact the club for details about registration for membership and classes. 

NB New Puppy Owners: to avoid long waits, please book a place in Level 1 Obedience class as soon as possible. Meanwhile ask your vet about puppy class to start socialisation and basic training. It’s so important for building the best possible relationship with your pup.

The club’s calendar highlight is our Annual Conformation Show held on Labour Day.

       Please come along and enjoy the extraordinary variety of dog breeds and unique atmosphere.

What other activities are there? 

                                                                                              Many of our members are experienced in Agility, Tracking, Working Dogs, Rally Obedience Rally O), Endurance and Nosey Business/Scent Works. Many are involved with Conformation and showing.

Just ask around.