There are a number of activities which the club and individual members are engaged in either through the year or at particular times of year. 

What is the main club activity through the year?

Obedience training is our most regular and frequent activity as a group.
It is very popular, with classes from basic to advanced levels. Contact the club for details about dates and times of upcoming classes. 

NB New Puppy Owners

To avoid long waits, please book a place in Level 1 Obedience class as soon as possible .

Meanwhile find a vet who holds puppy class to start socialisation and basic training. It’s a must  for building the best possible relationship with your pup.

What else does the club do?

The highlight on the club’s calendar is our Annual Conformation Show held on Labour Day. Please come along and enjoy the extraordinary variety of dog breeds and the unique atmosphere.

When the weather is reasonable, we also hold Games Days which are fun group activities to extend training and socialisation in a more relaxed format. Dogs will need reliable recall and experience of off-lead obedience work; but don’t let that stop you from coming along. Handlers can always do lead work around the oval or elsewhere on the field then join us for a light lunch afterwards (just a gold coin donation to cover costs of food). 

Many of our members are experienced in Agility, Tracking, Working Dogs, Rally Obedience and/or Conformation.

Just ask around at the club rooms on Sunday morning for advice and contacts.