Dec 2018 – July 2019 Archive

Sunday 21st July Thank you Dr Kerrie Piper for your excellent presentation. It was well attended; and all those who came felt it offered valuable insight into reading dog body language in context. There is always so much more to learn so our four legged companions feel better understood.

A free presentation for members will be held on Sunday 21st July at 10:30am in the Warragul Dog Club Rooms, Darnum. It is about recognising and responding to dog stress and anxiety;by Dr Kerrie Piper,veterinarian and animal behaviour consultant.

50th Anniversary Championship Shows  March 2019

2019 marks 50 years of hosting championship shows, which are now an annual Labour Day event.  

This year, morning and afternoon shows were held on March 11th at our club grounds in Darnum. 

After so much dedication & preparation,  

there were many memorable moments

… and the Fancy Dress Event offered a little humour and creativity; a change from strict protocols and routines.   

Finally, each show delivered what everyone was waiting for – RESULTS!


Best in Show –  morning competition – was the Golden Retriever
Nazneen Why Walk Whenu Can Fly    (Owner: D & J Bishop)                                                                                                                                                      

“Jaegar” Nazneen Why Walk Whenu Can Fly


Best in Show – afternoon competition – was the Border Collie
Sup.Ch. Pukawidgee Name of the Wind (Owner: Kezziah Kennels)                                               

“Sham” Puckawidgee Name of the Wind

2019 Program Up and Running                   February 2019

All our Obedience classes are now in full swing. Welcome to all our new members who are doing Beginners Class with their four-legged companions; and welcome back all those pressing on into more advanced levels or branching out into Agility and Rally-O.

We are very fortunate to have two experienced trainers joining us,who will take our advanced classes. Welcome Sue and Ann. 

Our First Working Bee for the Year            6th January 2019

A dedicated team of club members gathered to get some important work done before classes returned.

The roof of the storage container needed attention and Julie M in particular applied elbow grease liberally with help from Martin, Les and others. Margaret, Wendy and Charlie worked on installing the Agility fencing while George whizzed around on the mower. Dorothy, Morna, Julie T and Karen cleared out the dead wood (and rubbish) from the fenced tree zone along the eastern boundary and then Karen and Martin began wood-chipping until the machine rebelled and called it a day. Tresna was busy cleaning in the club rooms and then preparing a nourishing lunch which was appreciated by all. 

Christmas Break Up                                     2nd December 2018

Inclement weather failed to keep members from coming along to the Christmas Break Up where all were treated to a brunch spread — featuring an abundance of Martin and Team’s pancakes,crepes; and even gluten free pancakes.  

There were a range of activities on offer for the four legged members and their accompanying humans; including Bill’s Nosey Business taster, a Christmas theme Rally-O judged by Margaret, Fastest Recall and, of course,the Best Dressed. Prizes were given out and one lucky ‘Christmas Tree’ pup was seen leaving the Show Grounds with a prize pig’s ear firmly clenched between the teeth – no way anyone else was going to get it!

Our President, Tresna, closed the event with a brief speech summing up the year and thanking the committee and members for supporting the Club and its activities. Then it was her privilege and joy to hand out Club award ribbons to those dog and human teams who worked so hard to achieve recognition in their chosen disciplines … including her own clever Remy, a lovely wee dog with a load of attitude.